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Are you looking for some direction with your strength training and off ice workouts? I am here to help!

We offer a monthly subscription option with great full body workouts, as well as a custom coaching option for those of you who want more customized workouts.


Our monthly subscription plan is perfect whether you are jump starting your fitness journey or if you are getting bored in the gym and need some direction.


1:1 In Person Coaching

Our 1:1 In Person monthly subscription plan is perfect whether you are jump starting your fitness journey to enhance your skating skills or if you are getting bored with your off-ice program and need some direction. This is for skaters local to the Tampa/Wesley Chapel area.

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The custom coaching subscription is for those who are looking for guidance and direction in the gym and would like a custom plan each month.

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Hi, I’m Erika.

I am an adult figure skater and avid lover of lifting heavy things.

After injuring my knee doing a program run through back in August, I knew it was probably time to re-evaluate my off ice fitness routine. I realized that if I wanted to go full speed with improving my skating and getting involved with

competitions again, I really needed to establish a solid foundation of strength, flexibility and power. Once I stepped foot back in the gym, my passion for fitness was reignited. I needed to train with a purpose and a have a solid game plan to enhance my skating and prevent injuries.

Strength Training for Figure Skaters

Strength Training for Figure Skaters Is lifting weights actually bad for figure skaters? We have all heard the statement “lifting weights will make you bulky”, or have heard that strength training can hinder one’s progress as a figure skater. Are these statements really true? Maybe for 1% of the population [also including many other factors] but I wanted to take a […]

Periodization & Figure Skating

Periodization & Figure Skating What is this and how does it apply? You have probably heard the term “periodization” being tossed around when discussing off ice training programs. Let’s discuss what this means, and how you can apply this principle to your off ice program. Many of my adult skating friends participate in Adult Sectionals and Nationals, which take place in […]

Single Leg Exercises

Single Leg Exercises How do single leg exercises enhance your skating skills? If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen my infographic on my top 10 favorite single leg exercises. They look great on paper, but how do they impact your skating? Single leg exercises are a type of unilateral exercise, and they are beneficial for many […]

Glute Strength & Figure Skating

Glute Strength & Figure Skating As you know, figure skating is one of the most demanding sports out there. We throw ourselves into the air and land at a force of over 10x our body weight, we perform intricate footwork and turns while staying vertical – just to name a few. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have […]

Stretching. Is it worth your time?

Stretching. Is it worth your time? Is It Really That Important? The majority of skaters don’t complete a sufficient stretching routine prior to getting on the ice or starting your workout at the gym. Is it really that big of a deal?  Actually, yes! Especially as an adult athlete. Stretching plays a huge part in injury prevention and ensures your muscles are at their prime […]


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