Hi, I’m Erika.

I am an adult figure skater and avid lover of lifting heavy things.

After injuring my knee doing a program run through back in August, I knew it was probably time to re-evaluate my off ice fitness routine. I realized that if I wanted to go full speed with improving my skating and getting involved with competitions again, I really needed to establish a solid foundation of strength, flexibility and power. Once I stepped foot back in the gym, my passion for fitness was reignited. I needed to train with a purpose and a have a solid game plan to enhance my skating and prevent injuries.

I was tired of random workouts, flash diets, quick fixes. I was burnt out googling workouts and fitness plans with no long term solution. I was done trying to copy fitness influencers on Instagram, not to mention their somewhat too perfect bodies and lives.

I decided to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer so I could share my love and knowledge of fitness with other adult skaters, and provide tailored, easily accessible workouts designed specifically for our needs as athletes, because #adultsskatetoo.

Are you looking for some direction with your strength training and off ice workouts? I am here to help!